Alternative Addiction Treatment Services for Men

Inpatient Addiction Treatment Services Arizona Reflections Recovery Center is an industry-leading treatment center in Prescott, Arizona. Our efforts concentrate on helping men recover from drug and alcohol addiction. From intervention and detox services to inpatient and aftercare, we offer the full spectrum of alternative addiction treatment to men coming from in and out of state.

Rehabilitation at Reflections lasts between 90 and 120 days, which depends on the client’s insurance and his progress in recovery. Each treatment plan is highly customized to the medical and psychiatric needs of the individual. Our addiction treatment services are built on the principals of recovery and the expertise of our clinical therapists. Furthermore, we are able to treat a broad spectrum of addiction modalities. Additionally, we can help with co-occurring disorders as an aspect of our alternative addiction treatment services.

Treatment Options

We highly recommend exploring the various addiction treatment services that we offer. Also, we recommend contacting Reflections to learn more about our programs and how we can help you or a loved one. We are an accredited program and work diligently with insurance and other health care organizations to provide top quality care.

When you come to Reflections, you know are you getting the best continuum of care, as a result you can feel confident in your journey to sobriety. Our options for treatment ensure that you are getting a program that fits your needs and can help you overcome your addiction.

Alternative Addiction Treatment Team

Led by Program Director Nathan Topitzhofer and Clinical Director Melissa Rauch, Reflections aims to offer comprehensive, unparalleled treatment that helps men no longer need or crave drugs and alcohol again. Contact Reflections today to learn more about how we treat addiction!

The Journey to Addiction Recovery Begins with an Assessment from Our Rehab Program Experts

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