Drug and Alcohol Abuse Resources for Addiction Rehabilitation


Overcoming addiction can feel like a battle, but thankfully, it’s a war that nobody needs to wage alone.

At Reflections Recovery Rehab Center, we understand the value of educating people about addiction. This is why we’ve made the following resources available to our clients, their families and anyone who wants to learn more about the dangers of addiction and how substance abuse problems are treated. Use this as a starting point to learn about alcohol and drug abuse.

This resources portal also provides more information about how we support our alumni after they’ve completed residential treatment. Here are all of the free resources we have to offer you:

Free Men’s Only Treatment Guide


Below you will find additional resources about addiction treatment, mental health disorders and drug types.

Learn About Different Types of Treatment

When it comes to treating addiction, most rehab facilities offer two different types of modalities: Clinical and Holistic. Reflections is no different, as we believe in both time-tested and cutting-edge techniques to help clients recover from addiction. Clinical therapy encompasses a long list of psychotherapy techniques, while holistic treatment is another term for complementary or alternative medicine.

Explore How We Treat AddictionClinical TherapiesHolistic TreatmentRelapse PreventionSober Living

Mental Health Disorders Information

Treating the medical condition known as addiction becomes even more difficult when a patient has also been diagnosed with a co-occurring mental health disorder, such as depression or schizophrenia. These individuals, commonly known as dual diagnosis patients, require specialized care as they start their walk down the road to recovery. Our mental health resources provide details on the disorders most likely to accompany addiction.

Dual Diagnosis FAQsDepressionMood DisordersTrauma (Including PTSD)


Addiction Recovery Resources

Heroin AddictionMeth AddictionAlcohol AddictionOxycontin Addiction

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